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Hints and Tips

LadyBee  hats are formed by hand on wooden blocks using traditional methods. Every hat is hand stitched where materials allow, and all hats, fascinators and headpieces are hand finished. Although the same materials may be used in the creation of several designs the aim is for each one to be unique. Every LadyBee  design is as individual as the wearer.
Nowadays many hats are made using SINAMAY. This is a natural material made from the fibres of the abaca plant, and as such slight variations in the weave are normal.


Never wear your hat in the rain. Take an umbrella with you if the weather forecast is for showers, heavy rain or worse. Dive for cover if you haven’t one to hand!
Silk will discolour and show water marks, sinamay will lose shape and dyes may run.

Always have clean hands when trying on your hat.
Finger marks can be unsightly and make a hat look a little dirty in a short space of time.  

Do not adjust your hat by the brim. Try to position your hat correctly and adjust it gently by holding the crown.
It is easy to pull the brim out of shape.

Store your hat in a box or rigid container.
This prevents crushing and helps maintain the original shape.

Use only acid free tissue to pack your hat.
This will help preserve the original colour.

When storing your hat always support it by the crown, lifting the brim. This can be done using rolls of acid free tissue.
Over a period of time the weight of the hat can cause the brim to flatten.

Taking time to care for your hat whilst wearing and during storage will help to maintain the original shape and keep it looking fabulous.

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